VOC Screening

If you want to receive a constituent breakdown of your emissions, ambient air (in the neighbouring area, at workstations in the company) and indoor air rather than target a particular molecule, Explorair’s VOC screening service will provide you with this information.

Screening can be defined as the most detailed search possible of volatile organic compounds (VOC) at the sampling collection point.

Screenings are performed on a sample:

  • Dynamic or passive sampling on adsorbent tubes, analyzed in the lab
  • Canister, tedlar bag sampling, analyzed in the lab
  • In situ sample collection and direct analysis

The sample is analyzed by TD-GC-MS, TD- FastGC-MS or µGC-MS.

We will identify and quantify each peak or major peaks only, as you require.

Results are expressed in µg/m3, or mg/m3, i.e. quantitatively for major compounds, and semi-quantitatively (e.g. as a toluene equivalent) for other compounds that are detected and identified.